For Sellers

Frequently Asked Questions by Sellers

How do I register as a seller?

You can access Seller Registration link from footer. After you submit the form, we will verify your business information and approve / reject your request. Once your request is approved, you will be able to set up your virtual shop and add your products.

What type of products can I sell?

This site is created with an intention to facilitate micro / small / medium scale businesses in selling artistic items online. The types of items that can be sold here include: Jewellery, Apparels, Accessories (e.g. purses, wallets, mobile covers, belts), Decorative items (lamp shades, wall hangings, Diwali special items like – Rangoli, Akash kandil, Dive / Panati, greeting cards), etc. We prefer if the items are handmade / manufactured by you but that’s not a compulsion. We want to promote Make In India initiative so we recommend not to sell items made in other countries.

Can I register as a service provider?

Some of the popular online shopping sites don’t allow you to register as a seller if you are a service provider. But we don’t have any such restriction.

If you can promote / market / sell your service as a product we won’t stop you from registering as a seller. So if you are into the business of beauty parlor, bridal mehendi etc you can still register as a seller and sell your services. We have plans to provide facilities to manage your appointments, day and hour-wise, in near future. So certainly you are welcome.

Is there any documentation / paper work to be done?

You just need to submit PAN card and bank account details associated with your business. These are needed to facilitate online money transfers to your account using 3rd party payment gateway. Note: the details will be shared with 3rd party payment gateway.

Have you tied up with any courier service?

Currently we have not tied up with any courier service to pick up the products from you and deliver it to customer. But it’s in our plan to provide this service in near future. As of now please work with your local courier service provider to deliver your items directly to customers. You can add these shipping charges in your product specification.

What are the charges for registering as seller?

As a pre-launch offer we have reduced charges. The current charges are as below:

Registration Charges: 0 Rs

Subscription Charges: 0 Rs / Yr

Unique URL Charges*: 0 Rs / Yr

*= You will get a unique, easy-to-remember URL like:

When the customers access this URL they will be taken to your own shop page that will list all your products.

Is there any commission / service charges that will be charged by you?

We wish we could provide you a free service but we have to pay the charges for managing and URLs and associated server infrastructure. We also need to pay commission to payment gateway. Due to which we can’t provide this service completely free of charge. To recover the expenses, we have two options:

  1. (Some amount of annual subscription charges) + (commission per transaction that we need to pay to payment gateway). E.g.- 1500 Rs/yr + 3%/transaction.
    This option is suitable for businesses having annual turnover equal or above 5 Lakh Rs.
  2. (No annual subscription charges) + (commission per transaction that we need to pay to payment gateway) + (commission per transaction to recover our expenses). E.g.- 0 Rs/yr + 3%/transaction + 7%/transaction.
    This option is suitable for businesses having annual turnover less than 5 Lakh Rs.

Currently we have enabled only second option. So we will charge you 10% commission per transaction. Believe us this is much lesser than other famous online shopping sites.

Why should I use your service if I have to pay you commission?

By using our service

  1. You get a very unique, easy to remember URL for your shop. This helps your customers to access your shop quickly and also spread the word and your popularity.
  2. You can grow your business beyond your local market and sell your artistic & decorative items outside your city, state and even country.
  3. You will receive payments without the need to share your bank details with each and every customer and then follow up with them for payment.
  4. You will automatically get notified as soon as the customer completes the payment successfully and then you can deliver the product.
  5. You will be able to access interactive reports to find out
    1. How much is your total sell
    2. Which products are the top selling products
    3. In which period you get the most number of orders
    4. Many more details

    With the help of these reports you will be able to monitor how your business is growing as well as you will be able to plan for future demands and growth.

  6. We understand that micro / small / medium businesses may not have ready stock of all the products they sell. That’s why we have implemented a custom business process such that even if you don’t have stock ready you will be able to receive orders. (That’s not the case with other shopping sites and services. On those sites if you don’t have ready stock you can’t get any orders.) Find more details in the next answer.
  7. Most importantly: Our commission is very less compared to other shopping sites and services. Probably our commission is the lowest.
What is the general process of selling items on your site?

Once you register as a seller and add products to your shop, customers will be able to search for your products based on categories, name and other features. When a customer orders a particular item that you are providing, you will get notified with the order details and the expected date of delivery (At this moment customer is not going to pay anything). Depending on the availability of the product or availability of time & material for you to make the product, you can decide whether you want to accept or reject the order. If you accept the order, customer will get notified and will have to pay the full amount including the product cost, shipping cost and any other charges. In case if you are not able to deliver the product by the expected delivery date, you can reject the request and at the same time provide an alternative delivery date by when you will be able to deliver the product. If the customer is OK with this new delivery date, s/he will make the payment or else cancel the order. Once the payment is successful, we will deduct our commission and the remaining amount will be credited on your name. This amount will be paid to your bank account automatically 1 month after you deliver the item.

How to show my advertisement on home page

On home page we have three sections where you can showcase your advertisement:

  1. The top slider
  2. Featured Products
  3. Featured Shops

In the top slider, you can showcase either your shop or a specific product.

Select any of these options as suitable to your needs. On the checkout page, before you make the payment, you will get the options to select date when you want to show your ad on home page. If you want to show it on multiple days you will need to increase the item count (quantity) on product details page / cart. (Please note: in a single order you can select only one of the 3 advertisement sections. If you wish to show your ads in multiple sections you will need to give different orders for different sections.)

Along with the dates you will be allowed to specify the ad title, description and select an image to be displayed. Depending on your choice you will need to provide the URL of your product or shop. This is the URL that will be used to link your ad to your product / shop. Note that the URL must be from our marketplace only. Any other URL will be ignored.

When you are uploading / selecting an image for slider ad, please select and image of size 1700 px * 500 px. Otherwise the image may get distorted during display. We resize your image to 100% width and 500px height while displaying.

As per our current policy and web design, we will allow limited number of ads per day in each section, as stated below:

  1. The top slider – 5 Ads per day
  2. Featured Products – 3 Ads per day
  3. Featured Shops – 4 Ads per day

If we have already received these many ads for a given date (say 5 ads for slider section on a given date), you won’t be able to submit ad for that date (for that section). You can try selecting another section or another date to display your ads. The advertisement slots are reserved on First-Comes-First-Served basis. You can book ads around one month in advance (2 to 32 days). So hurry up and book a slot for your ad at your preferred section on your preferred dates now.

Is there a minimum limit on number of products, price, quantity?

There are some popular online shopping sites that expect you to sell a minimum number of different products (say, 5 different products) to register as a seller.

We understand that micro / small / medium scale businesses may not have those many different products and hence we don’t have any such limit on number of products.

We also understand that when it comes to handmade products it may not always be possible to have a minimum quantity ready (in stock) for sell. Hence we don’t have any minimum limit on quantity as well.

Similarly we don’t dictate what should be the minimum price of your product. So you are free to sell an item at a price of your choice.